Posted: November 15, 2009 in KestrelBlog

Triathlons are simply awesome. I’ve been involved in this sport since 1987! I’ve been able to make my living from this sport and I’m thankful every day I haven’t really had to have a “job”. I mean that I really love what I do. Sure there are problems but lets face it, I’m doing something that a lot of people would like to do.

So, here I am on my last trip of the year in the states. Taiwan is up next week. I’ve been gone 4 months total this year. 4 months of hotels, planes, trains, boats, taxis, and lots of crazy stories.

I come to Clearwater to work the expo, show the new line of Kestrel bikes, and help out all the Kestrel athletes. This trip I also worked with the Fuji team Matty Reed and Tim O’donnell. Good guys all around even if they aren’t racing on Kestrel!

The day before the race the guys @ Speedfil asked if I could help Jeff out during the race and get him out of the water. Jeff is part owner of Speedfil, and is in a wheelchair after a parachute accident left him paralyzed. He used to be a Navy Seal so this guy is a hero in my world.

Helping Jeff may have been the coolest thing I got to do this year. Watching Jeff “plop” into the water without fear, maneuver out of his chairs and his committment to never quit is really an inspiration. I’m sure he has his tough days but you would never know it. He doesn’t tell people he was a Navy Seal, doesn’t ask for anything special and tolerates at least in my mind a lot of obstacles.

My job has brought me all over the world, I’ve met a lot of really great people, and really am inspired by how blessed I’ve been to be a part of this great sport.

Hope to see you out there and congrats to everyone who competed this year.

  1. Rob Pryor says:

    Hi. Love your site and your bikes. Do you have any Canadian dealers?

    • kestrelbicycles says:

      We are in the process of setting dealers up now. Where do you live?

      • bill says:

        Phoenix, AZ. That’s awesome news as there’s a great riding/racing community here – please email if you have questions, need suggestions, or already have a new dealer I can support. Talon and I are heading up to Sedona this weekend to ride through the red rocks – it doesn’t get much better!

        Thanks again for your great bikes and support!

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