Posted: October 13, 2009 in KestrelBlog

WOW. It’s hard to describe Hawaii Ironman to you unless you have been there. It’s not simply about the race. There is an energy on the Island that is truely special.

I’ve been involved with Triathlons since I was 20. I’m now 42. 22 years is a long time but it’s been an awesome ride.

Coming to Kona reinforces how cool my job really is. This is where the best of the best come to race but also to find out who they really are. Mark Allen said it best. What do you do with yourself when your mind is quiet.

Kona pushes people to find their quiet place. To decide if they really want to push themselves further then they thought they could.

I saw a lot of great things in Kona this year. Rudy, leaving the swim and struggling with his handlers to get himself on his bike. At least 5 minutes passed before he was ready to push off. I think someone forgot to tell him that missing 2 legs would make Ironman a struggle!

A wheelchair athlete stuck as she crossed the start line when her chair bottomed out on the ramp. No worries, a bit of a push off the ground and she was off.

The dad falling as he came down the shoot from exhaustion and his will to keep going. His kids helped him to the finish line. Something that his kids will never forget.

There are many more stories like this that Ironman seems to bring out in people. It’s an inspiring place to be in October and really worth the trip to Kona.

A special thanks to all of the Kestrel athletes who inspire me to keep making fast bikes. You truely are awesome and it was great meeting all of you.

To my pro athletes who rocked it hard all day, Dede, Charlotte and Michael, you represented yourselves as only you can and showed why you are AWESOME.

Remember, never quit. Ever. There is always a story that will inspire you to reach your own quiet place and find out who you really are.

Check the Kestrel Website for all the pictures taken in Kona. kestrelbicycles.com

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