We won!

Posted: February 18, 2009 in KestrelBlog

mancebo_winsIn our first debut of the RT 800 in professional cycling, we pulled off a win. Do you know how huge this is for Kestrel?? Ok, maybe you don’t but it’s huge. Bigger then anything we have pulled off in quite some time. Kestrel has been more known for it’s Tri bikes but I think we got the road market’s attention when Rock Racing pulled up on their Kestrel RT 800’s.

For those of you interested, you can see lots of pictures and hightlights at Velonews.com and on our website, kestrelbicycles.com

I was fortunate to be in contact with the team mechanic and got to personally wish the team the biggest congrats. I also showed the factory I use in China the news. We then went to meet the guys and girls who actually build the frames and show them the fine work they did and how their work has resulted in a win. It was really great to see their faces light up and give the “thumbs up” when I showed them their bike.

More racing to come at TOC so stay tuned. Hoping for a few more wins and I”ll post some photos on our website.


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