I met Mario in China

Posted: February 18, 2009 in KestrelBlog

Maybe you aren’t familiar with who Mario Andretti is. He is from Pennsylvania and is one of the best known race car drivers in the USA. His name is synomous with driving fast. Back home, when people are driving to fast, I always say slow down Mario.

I think I met his Chinese counterpart.

I was spurred on to write about this drive by my friend Kristian from Australia. He and I were texting each other during my trip to inner China and I told him I wished I had 2 seat belts to wear! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated good, fast driving, however in China, there are few laws which means people just drive. NO traffic lights, stop signs, road marks, etc. Those who have visited China know what I mean. Kinda fun, kinda scary. More so at night when you really can’t see the other cars, mopeds, bikes, mules. And, I was told by a friend who lives in China that around 11PM, the trucks just honk their horns since they aren’t stopping so driver beware!

What amazes me, and I have to find the picture to post it here, is that as we went through this town, (unnamed of course) and a Mercedes S class car has to slam on their brakes for the poor old man pulling his wagon full of goodes. Mind you, dirt road as well, so stopping was arduous at best. I am amazed noone was killed. Interesting enough, the old man didn’t even seem to know he was almost a hood ornament.

This is the thing in China. The country is growing so fast that the farmers and the poor can’t begin to catch the proverbial train to wealth. It’s ashame really. I get to stay in a 5 star hotel for $60 USD a night and there are people here, mostly farmers, who live in shacks.


So, here I am on a layover in Hong Kong, writing at a terminal computer since my computer seems to have died. Could be I burned it out with all the work this past week. Or, could be that my adapter just doesn’t want to work, either way it’s nice to give it a rest for a bit.

3 more hours on my layover, quick flight to Taiwan, 2 more hour layover, and then a 14 hour flight to Newark. Then a 2 hour drive to my home! Oh, and I forgot, already took a 1 hour cab ride and a 2 hour ferry ride. All this travel to build the best Kestrel Bikes!
Man I love my job 🙂

I accomplished all I set out to on this trip. 11 days in Taiwan/China and Hong Kong and all the 2009 bikes are shipping, the new TT bike is 98% complete and Rock Racing is getting their new RT 900 bikes. All in all a good trip.

The bright side? I come back in 3 weeks for the Taipei bike show.

Take care and make sure to check out Rock Racing at the TOC.

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