Team Geox and the Kestrel connection

Posted: April 3, 2011 in KestrelBlog

There are times where my job is very rewarding. Having some of the top riders of the Geox team choose the Kestrel 4000 as their TT bike is definately one of them.
This year, Sastre and Menchov are both using the Kestrel 4000 outfitted with Di2 and Oval Concepts and to say that I’m excited to finally see the bikes being built up is an understatement. When I designed the 4000, although the main focus was on Triathlons, I also knew that I wanted it used in TT’s. Not only has Potts, Taylor, Griesbauer, Lovato, ridden their 4000’s to victories in triathlons, I’m hoping that this year the 4000 will win some races in Europe at the Giro and a few other races.

I’ll be posting more pictures later this week and am hoping to go to the Giro this year to see the 4000 in action.


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