Dede G and Sally

Posted: January 25, 2011 in KestrelBlog

Dede is one of my favorites. She’s a badass chick who has more guts than most people I know. She left a “real” job to be a pro triathlete, and not just a wuss job, she worked on Wall Street as an equity trader playing with the big boys.

This takes guts and I like people who ignore the norm and go after what they want.

Dede is also the one and only athlete that I sponsor that calls me Sally more than she calls me Steven. Why you may ask? Dede and I have a disagreement on my drink of choice, the Long Island Iced Tea. I for some reason like this drink. I’ve maxed at four in a night which I think is quite impressive but Dede says it’s a chick drink, thus the name Sally for me. True or not, Dede has called me out on this which I kinda respect, I think. Keeping her opinions to herself is not what she does!

So, here’s a bit on Dede and when you see her, let her know that the Long Island is a wicked cool drink!

Who knew that when Dede retired from a long and successful swimming career in 1994, that her athletic career was far from over? As a swimmer, she’d been a 10-time NCAA All-American at Stanford University, 2-time NCAA Team Champion, was a Pan Pacific Games Gold medalist, a Pan American Games Gold medalist and competed twice in the US Olympic Swimming Trials, narrowly missing the team in 1992.

Following her retirement from swimming, she returned to graduate school and earned an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked on Wall Street for 8 years as an equity trader. Most recently, she was a Vice President at MFS Investment Management in Boston, MA.

In March, 2005, Dede set aside the Wall Street Journal and returned to a career in sports after just 2 years in the sport of triathlon.

Since turning pro in 2005, Dede has won 2 Ironmans. She won Ironman UK in 2006 and won Ironman Brazil in 2009. She has been in the top-10 in Kona 3 times, in three consecutive years from 2007-2009. In two of those years, she was the top American finisher.

Dede lives in Boston with her husband, Dave and their yellow lab, Riley.

  1. mikmoore says:

    nothing sally-like about the LIT (although down here we drink the Texas Tea instead)! Can’t go wrong with all that alcohol with a little rum for color and sweet and sour mix to make it go down smooth 🙂

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