Big Sexy?

Posted: January 22, 2011 in KestrelBlog

Yep, that’s the next athlete I’m introducing. Really his name is Chris McDonald and is our newest member to be representing Kestrel as part of the Trakkers/Rev3 team. I figure anyone who has Big Sexy as a nickname, had better be good! Or if not, he gets the ladies and I could learn a few tricks from him.

Chris grew up in Albury NSW, Chris is the youngest of 4 siblings – 2 of whom compete in Ironman as well (Daniel and David.) Chris lived at home in Australia until 1999 before moving to New Zealand to start a small construction business. Chris started competing in triathlon in November of 2002 with a sprint triathlon and then moved straight to Ironman with his first being Ironman Australia . At this time he was @45 pounds and found a love for the training required to be decent at triathlon .His first Ironman attempt was a long way from stellar but after 5 agegroup IM races he decided to begin his professional racing career in April 2004. Chris now splits his year between boulder Colorado / Tucson AZ in the USA and Albury, NSW in Australia.

Athletic Background

Field hockey at a provincial level in Australia and New Zealand
First triathlon — November 2002
First Ironman — December 2002
First professional race — Ironman France

Chris has now completed in 37 Ironmans and has 3 titles and 30 top 10 finishes .

  1. Kier says:

    Yet another awesome addition to Team Trakkers Elite!

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