New Athlete signing coming soon

Posted: November 21, 2010 in KestrelBlog

Yes, it’s a tease. This signing has taken about 2 years to get done and the only thing I’m waiting for now is the signature from said athlete.

You may notice that Kestrel sponsors quite a range of athletes from Pros to Amateurs to Teams.

Pros now include Michael Lovato, his lovely bride Amanda, Dede Greisbauer, Pip Taylor, Karen Smyers, Richie Cunningham, Brian Fleischmann, Heather Gollnick, Mary Beth Ellis, Charlotte Paul and her soon to be born baby. Yes, we are already planning for the future and have signed baby Paul and Vinu’s and Matty Reed’s infants. Gotta plan for the future now and I figure fast parents make fast kids.

The new athlete to be will be the lead guy on Team Kestrel and should add a few more podiums to our already awesome group of athletes.

Kestrel will also take a bigger role in the Trakkers Team this year. Trakkers is going to be the team to watch with new relationships with some new sponosors this year.

Erin Baker’s Triathlon team has been going strong for 2 years and we expect everything good to continue with them. Bryan who runs the team (Erin’s Husband) is currently racing IM AZ today and has built an incredibly strong team.

Team Kestrel will move into it’s 2nd year with a lot of strong athletes who proudly represent Kestrel and have recorded an unprecented number of wins this year! This year we are adding our own RAAM – Race Across American Team who will be racing hard on the new Kestrel 1000. This will be our first debut into RAAM and we are looking for some awesome results from them.

So, check back shortly and I’ll announce our latest athlete and make sure to follow Kestrel on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates.

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