Posted: September 27, 2010 in KestrelBlog

For those who don’t know who Troy Lee, take a quick trip over to his website. This guy is an artistic genius! My other hobby being motorcycles, Troy Lee does the BEST paint jobs in the world and through a partnership with Avia, they chose the Kestrel 4000 as the bike to paint this year.

When Shawn from Avia walked into the Kestrel Booth last week @ Interbike, the traffic stopped to check this bike out. Troy Lee out did himself with the design and the paint job is spectacular. It’s hard to see in the picture but imagine a bass boat sparkling in the sun, this is what the 4000 does. It’s simply AWESOME.

I’m extremely proud of the 4000, the attention it is getting and the incredible work from both Avia for setting up the paint job and Troy Lee for taking the time to do this.

More to come with Pip’s custom paint job so check back soon.

For now, off to Kona to take in the Ironman Championship!

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