Love what you do!

Posted: June 27, 2010 in KestrelBlog

I can’t mention it enough how much I really love what I do. Even after working 2 weeks straight and being outside in 96 degree weather, I still love what I do.

This weekend was the Philly Triathlon. Many of my athletes from Kestrel and Oval were in and the gang from Fuji had their riders in as well. Needless to say, there were lots of meetings and shuffling the athletes around.

The weekend started with Kestrel athlete Pip Taylor and Oval and Fuji athlete Matty Reed doing a presentation @ a shop D & Q in NJ. A quick dinner and Matty playing Pacman, and we were off for an interview. Nobody told me I was MC’ing the presentation so I managed to wow everyone with how cool I was but really how cool my job was hanging out with my cool athletes. This came after 5 hours @ the Philly Tri Expo where we set up and showed off the cool Kestrel bikes. The new 4000 was the hit as everyone wanted to see the real thing. A lucky few got to race the bike this weekend.

Next was another long day @ the Expo with athlete interviews and lots of heat under the big tent.

Today was the big day where basically I walk around and yell at my athletes to race faster!

Pip and Matty both scored 4th places, Mary Beth Ellis snagged 5th and lots of Kestrel age groupers won their age groups. I also got to meet Bevan Docherty who won the race and uses Oval parts and Tyler Butterfield who races for Fuji. The nicest group of peeps you could meet.

Tomorrow, Pip and her husband Justin are coming by for a visit to check out the 2011 product and get some other sneaky things we are working on. These two are true professional and I love working with them.

The good news continued when I found out that Amanda Lovato got 4th and Oval athlete Angela Naeth pulled a 2nd.

Now, I’m off to help coach my son’s basketball team in 96 degree weather and then off to bed!

I’ve been doing this since I was 15 and have been fortunate to do what I love to do.

Remember, you always have a choice to to what you love. Are you doing that?

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