Posted: May 7, 2010 in KestrelBlog

This is my favorite time of year. The energy is back in the bike industry, sales are flowing, the Kestrel Athletes are out winning races, and I’m traveling the world designing bikes, going to races, and enjoying the bike lifestyle.

I’ve been involved in the bicycle industry for almost 30 years! I am so greatful that I’ve been able to make a living in this industry. I joke that “it’s better than a real job” all the time. I get to go to work daily in jean, polo shirt and one of my over 40 pairs of sneaks. Yes, I have a problem owning so many pairs of sneaks. Kinda like a girl and her shoes, I have the same issue with sneaks.

I’m packing up for my trip to Taiwan where I’ll be working on the photoshoot for the 2011 bikes. Yep, I’m always 1 year ahead of the bikes you guys get to see. It’s really cool to finally see the bike completely built with graphics in place and all the year’s work coming together. It’s amazing every year when you see the bikes together and looking awesome. OK, sometimes we need to make some last minute changes to make them awesome but for the most part, I’m usually happy.

After Taiwan, I’m off to a few races to see my athletes, Kestrel clinics in London at our new dealer Wiggle, and then some dealer clinics around the USA. The highlight of the year will be the Tour de France! I’ve never been to the race and I’m super excited because the Kestrel 4000 is being used by some unnamed teams this year. Along with seeing tri guys using the bikes I design, having some road guys in the biggest race in the world using them is really like hitting a home run.

So, off I go and I’ll try to send some sneak peak photos from Taiwan.

Take care and enjoy the ride.

  1. Gary Muller says:


    Was wondering if Kestrel had an agent in South Africa.

    Does anybody bring them into the market here?

    Who could i get hold of if i was interested to maybe expand your sales?


    Gary Muller

    East London
    South Africa

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