Posted: April 5, 2010 in KestrelBlog

A wee bit late writing my recap of Oceanside! Sorry about that. I took a few extra days to hang in CA after the race. Thankfully got out before the earthquake this weekend and hope everyone out there is ok.

So, Oceanside for me is the start of the season. Most of my athletes were racing and most of my industry friends were also there. It’s always great to catch up with everyone after the winter. The tri community is really like an extened family and I’ve been doing this circuit for over 20 years so my family is quite large and maybe a bit disfunctional.

Highlights for my athletes were top ten finishes and overall a great start to the season. Highlights for me was simply being in CA. I really want to move to Carlsbad area and in 6 years when my son hopefully heads off to college, I can make the move west. I’m much happier out there than in Philly but promised my son I wouldn’t move us until he was through school.

I had an awesome time, met lots of Kestrel peeps and even made time for a quick trip to the San Diego Zoo.

All in all, great trip was had. Off to MD for the Trispeed Multisport shop opening and then off to Taiwan.

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