Posted: February 28, 2010 in KestrelBlog

So, bit off topic but maybe not based on my handshake contract posting earlier.

Kharma: is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect

A REALLY good friend of mine who could quite be the most awesome person I know (son excluded here) mentioned the word Kharma to me. She asked if I believe in Kharma? Uhm Yes! Of course in my world of being honest and always telling the truth, I believe Kharma always takes care of things, good and bad. I think this goes back to my personal belief that you do what you say and no matter what, stick to your word.

So, I’ll ramble a bit here. At my son’s basketball game yesterday and my son’s team gets there early for their “I’ll make you run laps” if you don’t play hard speach from me. I say this since every kid has to agree to play hard, and no matter what, give me their word that no matter their ability to always give 100%. So while we are waiting for the current game to end, the kids watched the game from the sidelines. A not so pleasant mother yells, and yes, yells at the kids to move the hell out of her way. And that was a quote. Normally I would have said sorry and simply asked the team to move down a bit but really, cursing @ 12 year olds?

Oh yeh, you know it’s coming. In my 6′ 5″ 220lb way I casually walk over to her to make sure I heard her correctly. Mind you, I NEVER confront people but come on, 12 year old kids?? Really? She goes on to yell at me in front of her 15 year old son who by this time was embarrassed and the kids on my team.

As politely as I could, I told her that I was sorry we were disturbing “her” viewing area (note middle school gym) and that really these games are for the kids and I wanted them to see who we were playing next week in the playoffs.

She continued to yell at me for a few minutes and as much as I wanted to continue the discussion, I simply told her that the kids wouldn’t move and that one day, Kharma was going to kick her in the ***!

So my point in this post is to simply let everyone know that Kharma can be a real bitch. Try to do good things, be nice to one another and really try to remember to keep the potty mouth out of schools.

And for those who care, the team won by 5, and nobody had to run laps!

  1. Gina Wiegand says:

    My husband is working to raise money for Autism awareness ( He’ll be competing in triathlons as the vehicle to raise money. He currently has a road bike that he trains on. I like to see him on a TT specific bike but since we’re starting fundraising campaign we’re financially strapped. My request from you is… do you have a TT specific frame you’d be willing to donate or sell at a very discounted rate. We’d be happy with older technology if you happen to have an older frame just sitting in inventory. If you could find it possible to help we’d make sure to add you to the blog, add your logo to any training/event kits he’d be wearing and be extremely grateful.

    Thank you for your time.


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