Fast Cars?

Posted: January 29, 2010 in KestrelBlog

Oh yeh, fast cars are going to help make fast bikes. I was fortunate to be in London this past week. My first trip over the pond, just had to say that, and along with 4 days of meetings chatting about bikes and aero stuff, my friend Morgan invites me to a F-1 factory.

As one who loves all things fast, I was more then happy to join him. I’ll post pictures up soon so you can see how cool this place was. The engineer who gave us our tour was as much a car geek as I am a bike geek. This guy loves carbon, me too, and loves going into the wind tunnel, me too, and loves to experiment with designs to make his cars fast. I have to admit, there was a bit of manlove going on there. This guy and the F-1 cars were AWESOME.

Our tour lasted about an hour and we got to see the top secret designs they are working on for 2010 and 2011. It’s incredible how much carbon was on this car, all the way to the brake rotors and the way they use carbon shapes to manage the airflow. Not just for aerodynamics but to cool the engine and the brake pads. @ 200 + mph, lots of things can happen including the car going airborn so they work on down force and having the car slip through the wind as smoothly as possible.

I got some tips on bikes as these guys and the drivers use cycling as a workout to stay in shape. They don’t just ride any bike, they ride cool bikes made of Carbon. I of course told them that I would trade some knowledge for a few bikes.

All in all, the trip was incredible and I’ll post some pictures on the Kestrel facebook page later this week.

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