Contracts and more contracts!

Posted: January 22, 2010 in KestrelBlog

Sorry it’s been so long to put up another post. With Facebook, Twitter, and the Kestrel Website, this new age of media gets complicated.

So… excuses aside, I’ve just been busy.

My life for the past 2-3 months has involved writing athlete contracts, on top of my job of designing Kestrel bikes, sales, marketing, and more.

I sorta laugh that I write contracts since my grandfather always told me that your word and a handshake is all you really need to close a deal. I think of all the things he taught me, that one has always stuck with me. Once I tell you I’m going to do something, I’ll always do it, no contract involved.

That said, contracts are the unfortunate part of life and when I work with athletes, they all require them. So, I have been plugging away at “customizing” contracts for people who want this or that removed in order to make it “right” for them. Nobody wants to get screwed in a contract do they? Again, go back to lesson from my grandfather. Do what you say.

Maybe I’m jaded, I still think most people are honest and want to do the right thing, that the world is really made up of good people each trying to live their lives doing what they say. If that’s true, I want to know why I’m writing all these iron clad, legal, no holes, can’t include this, change this contract!

Feel free to comment since I don’t know when we all decided that a contract and a signature made it the only way that we would do what we say we will. Like a piece of paper makes everything ok in the world so that we can trust each other.

Personally, I’d like one athlete to simply say, hey, I’ll ride your bikes, represent you well, sell a few bikes, show up at expos, give me feedback and be an overall good person. I’d say, hey, I’ll sponsor you, pay you X $’s, provide a few bikes and we both shake hands and do what we say.

I personally doubt that will ever happen but I can only hope!

2 more contracts to finish, I better get back to work!

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