Eurobike – Champage – Launch

Posted: September 8, 2009 in KestrelBlog

Kestrel 4000 LaunchesKestrel_TT_2010

The launch. I felt like I needed a bottle of Champagne in Germany last week at the Eurobike Show. The ceremonial launch of a ship always involves somebody breaking a bottle on the ship. Although I didn’t have a bottle, I did find a worthy launch platform in the shape of Jay Prasuhn from Triathlete Magazine.

A bit frazzled from a missed connection and lost luggage, Jay and I found each other on the same ferry coming into Germany. He, not knowing how he was getting to the show, me wondering how best to tell the story of the 4000. When I was married, the word used was serendipity on how my wife and I met. I consider that word to be part of my life and Jay just fell into my plans.

Eurobike for those who don’t know is THE important show. Everyone who IS shows up there to get a feel of what the bike industry has in store for the coming year. Many companies that don’t come to the USA are there. It’s like the USA show Interbike but 10 times bigger and without the smoke and gambling of Vegas.

Suffice it to say, the launch went well. Jay came by and did his 20 questions, took some photos and twittered his heart out making sure he had the first “official” shots of the 4000 LTD. It started the onslaught of what seemed like every magazine setting up their cameras and doing interviews. My buddy Etienne from our German office was kind enough to repeat in German what I was saying in English. I told him he was now famous and he is now on several German websites chatting it up about the bike.

For me, I was happy to see the people stop, take pictures, and ask lots of questions. It was what I believe the ship maker feels when he sees his ship hit the water for the first time.

I’m not done however. There are a lot of ideas in my head for next year and expect to see many more Kestrel’s in the near future.

To that, I raise my glass and toast the official launch of the 4000. I hope everyone enjoys.

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