Sponsorship for 2010 is now open

Posted: August 11, 2009 in KestrelBlog

So, what does sponsorship mean?

It means that I’m investing both in your athletic talents and your skills in sales.


Unlike other companies, I need you to reach your potential in both categories. I need podium finishes and I need sales. Winning affirms how fast Kestrel bikes are. Selling puts bikes into the hands of more athletes who can appreciate the work we all put in to our designs.

So, reach out to me. Tell me your story. Why should I invest in you and how cool of a Kestrel brand ambassador can you be for me.

Sending a standard resume just won’t cut it. Be unique. Tell me your virtues, your inner thoughts that truely make you special. Make me read your resume and have me think to myself that this is exactly the person I want representing the Kestrel brand.

You have until Sept 15, 2009 to wow me.

Email me your thoughts to sharad@kestrelbicycles.com

Good luck!

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