Southern Cali Kestrel Dealers

Posted: July 26, 2009 in KestrelBlog

WOW. Just returned from a trip west. As some of you may know, I’ve been trying to move to Southern CA for years so a trip out there to visit some of the Kestrel dealers was welcomed!

I got to travel with Brenda Lyons our outside sales rep and Roy Hough, the national sales manager.

First up with Nytro. Skip the owner is an awesome guy with some real business training. I got to see the inner workings of this store and I have to say that it is a top notch store with a great group of employees. The “history” of triathlons is handing on the walls with signed Oakleys, posters, bikes and more.

Hi-Tech bikes was next. Maybe not as well known as Nytro but they do an incredible job and have a really nice store. Of all the stores I visited, Hi-Tech had the most Kestrels built and ready for a test ride. Hank and his crew know the sport well and are outfitted with some east coast peeps so I was thrilled to give them the update on the East and tell them to stay West.

Next was a great dinner with the boys from Speedfil and X-games star Micky Dymond. He shows up on a borrowed Ducati!! Very cool guy and since I love motorcycles it was great to check out the bike. We were joined by Brenda’s son who is 16 so it a diverse group for dinner.

The next day I got to visit the new Triathlon Lab store. VERY cool so stop by and visit. I love to see how a good plan comes together and the new Tri Lab store came together very nicely. It was crazy that their mechanic and I know many of the same people. Very small world we live in. If you need your bike worked on, they landed one of the best.

In between these stores, it was cool to visit some SE dealers. Imagine the opposite of Kestrel but I love the SE world. Retro stores, BMX guys and some very very cool people.

I’ll post some pics soon of my visits but needless to say, I’m ready to move to CA!

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