A day with Freddy Rodriguez

Posted: June 5, 2009 in KestrelBlog
A great day with Rock Racing

A great day with Rock Racing

What a great day. Even though the official ride was rained out @ Peddler’s Bicycles in NJ, a bunch of the Rock Racing riders showed up for autograph signing and visit our newest Kestrel dealer.

It was great to meet the guys and talk racing and how their season was going. More important for me was the feedback I received from the guys on the RT bikes they have been racing. I spent a lot of time with Freddy. I told him when he retires he can come work with me as a product manager. This guy really knows bikes and what it takes to make them ride well.

Freddy is rare. He knows every detail of his bike fit and knows what works and what doesn’t for him. I was very impressed with his knowledge of geometry and his suggestions on how to improve certain ride characteristics of not just the Kestrel bikes but others he has ridden.

Rarely do I ask for autographs since I’m under the assumption that unless someone asks for mine, I don’t really want theirs. But, being the great dad that I am :), I did ask Freddy for his autograph on a Kestrel bottle for my son Jesse. Maybe one day when my son begins racing himself, he will be psyched to have a Kestrel bottle signed by Freddy. Or, maybe not?

I also got to visit 3 shops today. It’s very important to me to see what shops are doing and hopefully impress them that I actually listen to their thoughts. There is no greater feedback I can receive them from my customers.

All in all, a great day. Off to work on my presentation I have to give tomorrow. 3 hours of tech and showing the 2010 line for the 1st time to our distributors!

No pressure 🙂

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