32 hours

Posted: May 29, 2009 in KestrelBlog

What can you do in 32 hours?

Well, what I did is travel from China (GoodView Hotel), nice place BTW, to my home in Collegeville PA. It’s an amazing amount of time when you think about it but in that time I watched 3 movies, finished 2 books, Marley and Me and Business Practices, taught my entire row how to use the TV monitors, (pointing) no English, and thought long and hard about the passing of Steve Larson.

I like to watch people so to me, other then that I hate flying, I get to meet some great people. In HK, I met an Aussie guy who was returning from a long trip to Israel. He visited my peeps 🙂 We discussed how slow the internet was in the lounge in HK. I told him to look at the bright side, we had plenty of time to chat while we were waiting for our emails to download. He had 20 more hours to go which made my paultry 16 hours seem like nothing 🙂 I think he was more impressed that I had already taken a car and ferry to get to Hong Kong and I had 2 more flights to go.

In Taiwan, I meet a young guy who just spent 6 months back packing through Taiwan, China and Vietnam. This guy wins the award for having the guts to travel by himself forwith very little money and no understanding of any language but English. Best part, we get to Newark and asks me how he should get to Boston. No plans! Gotta respect that.

My driver who took me to work was a driver I had on a prior trip. He’s a “retired” guy who used to work in the tire business. He was telling me all about how they make car and truck tires. Pretty cool guy. Lots of great stories. The best is how his 28 year old son won’t leave his house and more out! He drives now for “fun” and loves meeting new people. I don’t think I rank as very interesting since Magic Johnson was in the car the night before and he trumps me for interesting life stories!

All in all, 32 hours is a long time to travel home but in the end, it’s great to finally be home sleeping in my own bed.

Mission accomplished. Heading back in 4 weeks!

  1. Ryan says:

    wow i was looking into your bikes and found this. I was just reading along and got to this post. Then i read you lived in collegeville, PA and i said to myself wow that’s pretty cool because i live there as well. I was wonder where i could go to test ride one of your bikes? Keep doing great work i love the way your bikes look. I haven’t been on one yet so i can’t say i love how they ride but i hope to get one next year.

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