RIP Steve Larson

Posted: May 21, 2009 in KestrelBlog
RIP Steve Larson

RIP Steve Larson

Life can throw you a curve ball every once in awhile and today, waking up in Taiwan, I feel like I was hit by one. Steve Larson died today. Steve was what I call a stud athlete but more importantly a father and a husband.

I met Steve years ago when I was at Lake Placid working. I had heard of Steve from bike racing and learned he was going to make the move to Triathlons. I was fortunate to meet him while he was walking from the Expo area and I figured I would say hi and introduce myself. Steve was as genuine as a guy anyone could meet and was just happy to be racing. We chatted about bikes and I told him even though I couldn’t afford him, Elite Bicycles was always looking for great riders. * I used to own Elite Bicyles. Of course I had no money to give him but man, how cool would it be to have him on my bikes.

The fortunate thing for me is I get to meet many athletes, pro and amateur and travel all around the world for races and bicycle production. The hard part is leaving my son Jesse. Both of us get quite sad when I leave. We are as tight as a father and son can be and although we talk 2-3 times per day, it’s never the same as being there.

I guess that is what hurts the most about Steve Larson. His kids were only able to have him for a few short years and the loss to them is going to hurt the most.

Please take some time today and appreciate the ones you have around you.

Life is short.

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