The power of a Torque Wrench

Posted: May 7, 2009 in KestrelBlog
Please use this tool

Please use this tool

So, It’s been a bit of time since I posted. Shame on me. I tend to use Twitter a bit more now but promise I will continue to make some updates. I’m heading to Taiwan, China and Hong Kong next Saturday so I will have a lot to update.

This post is all about using the right tool, specifically the Torque Wrench. I’ve been in this industry for close to 30 years. During these years, I continue to wrench on bikes. I love it. There is nothing better then “turning a wrench” and getting your hands on the bike. There is a zen feeling I get from this. Ask any mechanic, we really do enjoy building and fixing things.

All this sounds great until you hear the “crack” and notice the bolt you were working on just broke. This of course never happens to me 🙂 And of course the EZ OUT tool wouldn’t have been invented if this didn’t happen to others.

HOWEVER, this generally is a mechanic’s error. I say generally because there are times when things (bolts) just break. BUT, love that word… most of the time it is due to under or over torque of a bolt or nut.

This is where the might Torque wrench comes in. It is by far the most IMPORTANT tool anyone can own, especially Kestrel owners. The “I know how it should feel when it is tight” is something that I hate hearing. For athletes who travel with their bikes and tighten their seats, stems, bars, aerobars, etc. frequently, this tool is a must.

The money you invested in your Kestrel bikes warrants a Torque Wrench. REALLY, buy one now so I don’t get the call later that you broke xyz part. It’s a simple tool that can save you a lot of headaches later.

The coolest thing I ever saw, ok, maybe not the coolests but one of the coolest is the first day I met Pip Taylor. We were @ Trifest last year and Pip and I were finalizing the contract for her to represent Kestrel. What is she carrying when I meet her? Yep, a Torque Wrench. Not a small one either. She brought it from Australia so she could assemble her bike correctly. I knew right then and there someone had the “talk” with her. Justin? That’s her husband.

So, moral of the story. Repeat after me. Buy a Torque Wrench. Kestrel makes a really cool one, so do most tool stores.

OK, my rant is done. I will go back to designing really cool light weight fast Kestrel bikes that all have a need for the proper torque settings 🙂

  1. kestrelbicycles says:

    That would be in the trusty owner’s manual. Something that you probably didn’t get but should with your new frame. Let me know if you need them and I can send to you.

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