Charlotte Paul Wins IM China

Posted: April 20, 2009 in KestrelBlog
Charlotte Paul - Winner Ironman China

Charlotte Paul - Winner Ironman China

It’s official, Charlotte Paul has won Ironman China! If anyone deserves to win, it’s Charlotte. If any bike company deserves a win, it’s Kestrel. And if a bike deserves a win, it’s the Airfoil Pro SL Special Edition!

Why? Well, if you don’t know Charlotte, she is one of the nicest people I’ve met in this sport and she races hard at every race. I “inherited” Charlotte when we purchased Kestrel and she was highly recommended to me to remain on our roster. I have to admit I didn’t know as much as I should about her but after meeting her and her husband Kristian in HI this year, we fast became more then just a sponsor. Charlotte is the type of person I want my son to emulate. Never quit! It’s in her tagline of her sig and I “borrowed” it in my for other reasons other then racing but it describes Charlotte quite well.

And why should the Airfoil Special Edition win? Cause damnit that bike has more technology in it then most of the bikes on the market, it’s fast as hell, and for Ironman events, it’s the best bike on the course. Plus, it’s a Kestrel and as I bust my ass to rebuild the brand, a win is of course very nice!

So, more wins to come for both Charlotte and Kestrel this year. St. Anthony’s is calling and Dede G and Matt W will hopefully come away some podium performances.

Take care…

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