Tyler Hamilton Retires.

Posted: April 17, 2009 in KestrelBlog


So… the news about Tyler is out. There are many opinions out there but lets all remember the saying…
Unless you have walked a mile in somone’s shoes…

I personally wish Tyler the best and hope that things turn out for the best.

“Tyler has our full support as he works through this difficult time,” said Karen Bliss, Director of Marketing for Advanced Sports, the parent company of Fuji and Kestrel bicycles – two of Tyler Hamilton’s recent bike sponsors.

“I understand Tyler has an uphill battle dealing with his illness but, he is one of the toughest bike racers I have ever known,” added Bliss, who is also a former professional cyclist. “I’m confident he will get through this with the same strength and courage that helped him achieve some of the most amazing feats and successes in our sport.”

“One of the biggest challenges today is that athletes have to deal with private struggles in a very public arena,” said Patrick Cunnane, President of ASI. “As one of Tyler’s sponsors, we want everyone to know that we believe him when he says he did not take DHEA to enhance his cycling performance. He has been a great representative for our brands and we fully support him.”

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