Do you believe?

Posted: March 28, 2009 in KestrelBlog


So, finally made it home. 14 hour flight from hell, 3 days sick in bed, and today, Saturday I am upright. That truck came at me fast and hard. 3-4 times a year I meet the truck. My wonderful condition Fibromyalgia likes to mess with me at least this many times during the year. This time I thought I was done. Rarely do I pray, I’m not a real religious guy but as I’m getting sicker, I feel that there must be a reason for all of this. I know that there has to be something more to life then waiting for the next round.

Well, a day before my flight, me and god had a long chat. Really, like everyone I asked for his help once again to get through the hell I knew was coming. I can’t describe the pain and misory I feel although I think my co-workers finally saw how bad I get. I have to thank Sarah, Tom, and Brian for pushing me through the final stages to get home. Not sure I would have made it without some encouragement.

So, me and God. I’m asking for some help. Why not right. I’m an odd’s guy. 50% chance he hears me, 50% chance he helps someone else. I like those odds. Well, as I’m getting onto the plane, we all discuss how my co-worker Sarah and I are Gold card members on Eva. All that means is we fly way to much, get to get on the plane first, and get the “atta boy” for flying with Eva. Well, I go through check in and an angel of mercy taps me on the shoulder and tells me that she is going to put me in 1st class and upgrade me. I must have really looked surprised because she had to tell me it was real and that I could board in the 1st class section.

I can’t tell you how much this helped me! 6′ 5″ sick as a dog and praying I make it through this flight. Not only that, no one sits next to me. Only open seat in 1st class. Made it much easier for my dashes to the restroom.

Wait, it gets better. Unfortunately I couldn’t eat or drink anything so other then the seat area, I’m not sure what I missed. So.. midway through the flight I see a guy get up a few times, walk around and look at me. He does this 3 times and finally sits down next to me and asks if I’m a doctor. Funny! Me, a doctor. Ends up he’s in extreme pain from a herniated disc and needs help. Well if you saw the amount of meds I take, I was the guy he needed. I never share my meds, some are narcotics but this guy was in some pain. He also saw I wasn’t doing well and asked how I was feeling.

So he hangs out for 10 minutes or so and we get to chatting. He asks me about my job, life, etc. You know, typical things at 40,000 ft. So, I asked him what he was doing and he tells me he’s a minister. WEIRD I know. God, Minisiter. YIKES. Maybe God was listening. He came back a few times on the flight, we chatted about his soon to be fused spine, my illness and how crazy it is that 2 people on earth met on a plane coming back from Taiwan, both needing a bit of help making it home.

So, God, if you are listening, thanks for the help! I owe you one.

  1. kestrelbicycles says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m not what you would call religious but do believe I think. Always hard for me to believe in what I can’t see but boy did this wake me up!

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