Posted: March 22, 2009 in KestrelBlog
Like they were first purchased

Like they were first purchased

OK, 8 days on the road, 3rd hotel, and lots of dirty laundry. When you move 3 times in 8 days, clean and dirty become subjective. You think you have it all seperated but after the last move, I had no idea what was what. I’m a bit weird, ok, very weird about my clothing. I only wear things once and then wash it. Not good for the environment but as stated earlier, I’m a bit weird.

So, we get to this kick ass hotel and I say Kick ASS because we just left 2 “hotels” that were rediculous. The first one in Taipei was really a place where dead people live! Right next to a hospital that shares the lobby and really, I believe was/is a hospital. Place stunk and bugs joined us.

We thought our second hotel couldn’t get worse but the smell of mold was unbearable. I left there early to come to Taichung. I usually stay in the Evergreen which is a fine hotel but the last minute change didn’t work so I moved to the Tempus. CLEAN and quite the cozy place. This is now going to be my new Taichung home! And, to boot, they do an excellent job on my laundry and delivered it back to me in a basket, wrapped in bags, and neatly folded. Light starch of course 🙂

So, hoping everything goes well on the production line tomorrow. Huge incentive to get everything done so I can leave on Wed. I’m home for 4 days and then off to Oceanside. In between, I chaperone my son’s class on a sleepover. Should be fun and it will be great to see him. He hates that I travel so much so when I’m home I make sure to spend time with him.

Well, that’s it for today, off to dinner and a few well deserved beers!

Take care…

  1. kestrelbicycles says:

    Done. Nicely I might add. sick as hell today. Flu hit me. Not good

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