Posted: March 17, 2009 in KestrelBlog

Taiwan Style!

Taiwan Style!


Taiwan is a great place to visit, do business, and have fun. Eating isn’t always fun. See exhibit A. Last night was a great time put on my friends from Alex Wheels. Not only do they make great wheels, they put on a hell of a party. Alex himself was there along with all the ladies from the company. All my co-workers joined together to celebrate our time together.

The meal wasn’t “American Style” so I generally will push some food around to not offend the hosts. This night was quite interesting. Too much beer and some unique food not found in my hometown of Philly!

Duck head cut right down the middle, brains, nasal passages and all. SPECTACULAR was my thought. There was quite a display of food that I passed on. THANK GOD for Bakers Breakfast Cookies!

The show is going quite well with a lot of interest from distributors from around the globe. Very cool to have other countries asking for Kestrel.

Well, off to breakfast of Toast. No american style breakfast here!

Take care.

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