Taipei or Bust

Posted: March 16, 2009 in KestrelBlog

70 degrees and sunny! Sweet. Just landed and went straight to our booth. It is rock’n cool. The new sneak peak of the new TT bike is there. I’m really excited to make the soft debut in Taipei although I let it sneak on my Twitter page. Amazing how quickly stuff spreads online.

The Taipei show is quite unique. Much different then Interbike. I’m here finalizing all my spec and also looking for additional distributors to sell Kestrel. Half the day is spent looking at last minute cool stuff to put on my bikes and then the other half is interviewing potential customer.

It’s amazing how many guys from the states are here today setting up. It’s like taking the USA bike industry and moving them all here to Taipei. At least for a week.

After the show, I head to my factory in Taiwan to watch the next round of 2009 production and make sure everything is going smooth. Then home for 3 days and off to Oceanside and possibly the SD Wind Tunnel to check out my new Kestrel athlete Michael Lovato. I’m completely pumped to announce that Michael is racing for Kestrel this year. Michael is a real asset to have racing Kestrel and Oceanside will be the first time I get to see him race. Dede G will also be racing on her Kestrel so I’ll be excited to see them both racing and representing Kestrel.

That’s it for now. Long 2 weeks ahead of me until I head home! Check out my new twitter page

Take care…

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