Posted: March 8, 2009 in KestrelBlog


Trifest 09 is almost over. I have to say getting out of philly last week at 8 degrees and coming to AZ is like heaven. Great training weather and a huge crew of stud athletes makes this the place to be. If you missed this year, make sure put this event on your calendar for next year! It’s a can’t miss event with some of the top guys in the industry attending.

I have to say the highlight for me was meeting all the guys and girls from the Triabetes team. Kestrel is working with the team this year with to provide them hot new Kestrel Airfoils so the team will be decked out with the best bike they can own. I learned quite a bit from these athletes and what it takes to monitor your blood sugar. I’m a tech geek so seeing their insulin pumps plugged into their body was very cool.

My guys from Speedfil, Dave and Jeff won 2 awards for best of show so make sure to take a gander at their website. They introduced a very cool new gel flask that is sure to do well and their Speedfil also won for most inivative product.

I have one more day here and then I’m off for home for 3 days. After that, I head back to Taiwan for the bike show and a few days at the factories. 2 weeks there and then off to Oceanside to watch Dede Greisbauer debut her new Airfoil Pro SE. Make sure to stop by the Kestrel booth and say hi.

Take care…

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