TOC, Taiwan, China

Posted: February 12, 2009 in KestrelBlog

I think I used the term juggling many times on this trip. I am currently in Taiwan. I was hoping to be in China by now but there is still so much work to do and my production begins tonight and tomorrow so I am staying to make sure all goes well. There are some great people here in Taiwan that work very hard to get all the bikes assembled and I am impressed with their dedication to Kestrel. I am always on the production line looking over their shoulders to make sure every little detail is being followed correctly. It’s so important to watch what is happening or before you know it, 100 bikes could be assembled wrong. My man “Dictionary” that is how his Chinese name sounds ,works closely with me to keep the production line humming. My partner Esther Kuo also makes sure everything is done on time and ships out when it’s supposed to. What people don’t know is how much work goes into getting you your bike correctly is very detailed.

I leave Taiwan on Saturday to head to China. My new TT bike still has a lot of work to do and it’s important for me to sit with our engineers to go over my recent wind tunnel data. Although we tested better then expected, I found some places I can still improve. The goal is to create one more RPT, test it again and “push the button” on the final design. I think everyone will be extremely happy with the new bike. Wind tunnel data alone shows it is fast but I also am working to make it one of the most comfortable bikes to ride. The guys from Rock Racing and my top Triathletes, Pip, Dede, Charlotte, Katja and 2 new athletes will be the first to ride the new bike. Of course they are all pushing me for pictures and data but so far I’m keeping it all to myself.

While I’m over here, I’m also preparing my new team Rock Racing for the TOC. Unfortunately I’ll still be in Asia so I will miss their first race. I’m really bummed about this but I can’t be in 2 places. I’m sending my tech guys from Kestrel USA to CA to make sure everything is good with the bike and they will also help assemble the team bikes. Of course as a reward they get to hang with RR and ride in the car so of course they owe me big for this! The new bikes I provided are “Rock Racing Up’d” as I like to say and they will continue their tradition of being creative. I’m super psyched to see the final designs and know each rider has put their heart and soul into each of their bikes. Make sure to take a gander at their bikes, you will be very surprised!

I also have their new RT 900 bikes getting built while I’m here. They all ride stock RT 900’s but the graphics will be custom done by Rock Racing. I worked really hard on the RT 900 so I’m happy they like the bike. The coolest comment to date was from Tyler Hamilton when he texted that he was really impressed with the ride. I have been riding a RT 900 for 2 years now and I have to say I love mine. Of course, I’m biased but I’ve ridden almost every bike on the market and the RT really does feel great. My bike is currently decked out with Di2, Topolino prototype wheels and Kestrel EMS Pro bars.

On top of all this, I come back to the USA, head to Tuscon for Trifest, and then head right back to Taiwan for the Taipei Show and then back to China. Crazy life I lead but other then my fear of flying and traveling to foreign countries, it’s all good 🙂

I’ll update everyone soon on 2 new Triathlete signings ML and AL and our newly formed relationship with the best granola and cookie company I know.

Take care.

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