Posted: January 28, 2009 in KestrelBlog

Trying to look cool in the A2 TunnelI forgot how much I miss road trips.  I drove down to the A2 Windtunnel on Sunday and drove home on Monday night.  20 hours of driving, 5 hours of wind tunnel testing and lots of great things to report!

First, you have to love this country. Where else can you be where you can drive and see an amazing array of people all living in the same country. The further south I drive from PA, the more things change. Not for the bad, just change because that is how people live in different parts of the USA. Every time I land from my trips overseas, I appreciate more and more how blessed we are to be born in the USA.

Sorry, I digress 🙂

The goal for Kestrel is to test in the wind tunnel, be #1 and use what I call Out of the Box testing procedures.  What this means is everyone tells you how aero their bikes are but what does that mean?  How do they test?  What are their protocols?  I’ve learned over the years that there is no one way to test a bike in the tunnel. 

There are many subjective ways to determine who has the fastest bike.

My way is to test so the consumer can compare what they are getting at their dealer and how the company provides the bike to the consumer. I test the same size bike from each company meaning if I use a 56cm Kestrel, I will use the same size (or closest) size from a competitor. The only thing I may modify is spacers. I want to make sure the handle bar height, seat height, and the overall bike matches as closely as possible to each other.

So, how did my new bike do? As I said to my boss, we rocked the tunnel. The new TT bike was compared to the current leaders in the industry and we did exceptionally well. I can and will show the #’s @ Interbike but I know that not only is the new TT bike fast, my Airfoil Pro series proved to me once again that this bike is FAST too.

I’ll update everyone with more details over the next week. I’m heading to China and Taiwan to continue working on the 2010 line up and make improvements on all of our bikes.

A special thanks to Brian P for sharing the drive, Mike G from the A2 tunnel, and James from the Philadelphia Insurance Company for letting me use his bike.

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