Professional athletes are calling

Posted: October 24, 2008 in KestrelBlog

One way to know Kestel is back is when the professional athletes and their agents start calling.  And calling they are.  I wasn’t prepared for the amount of calls we have received and the talent pool is better than expected.  No names yet but know that we are in serious discussions with some top men and women and hope to make some announcements soon. 

Next up is my trip to China to visit our factories to make sure the 2009 production is on time and to begin working on the first designs of our new TT bike.  I’m really excited to take the next step.  I have been working with a top notch design firm that has worked with Kestrel in the past.  Next is our engineers who have to take the designs and put them into a usable format and then off to make some RPT’s (Rapid Prototypes) that I can get into the A2 tunnel to test.  This new design will be born in the tunnel.  Many of us have learned that without working in the tunnel, you can’t really make a fast bike.  The tunnel will allow us to refine what we design.  All my testing will be based on what I call RDT (Real Design Testing).  This allows me to always keep the rider in mind.  Something our engineers did when we designed the Airfoil.  Many of the bikes out there are very aero until you put a rider on the bike.  With Kestrel, the rider is as important as the bike and the goal for Kestrel is to move the air around and beyond the RIDER and the BIKE.  This is what is most important and something I keep in mind when designing this bike.  Hard to do but something that is key to Kestrel’s design expertise!

I’m still working on getting the pics up from Hawaii so they will be up soon.  Promise! 

My crew is off to Ironman Florida and Clearwater next week.  IMF is our last Expo of the year so a bit of rest for the traveling crew.  Clearwater should be awesome.  Kestrel athlete Pip Taylor has a clear shot of winning and Jeff from Inviscid Design will be racing the wheelchair division so we hope he does well.

Hope all is well with everyone.  Chat later…

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