Hawaii Ironman…

Posted: October 9, 2008 in KestrelBlog

Well, I’ve been here since Sunday afternoon and its been AWESOME.  The expo has been the whose whose of the industry.  It’s great being here and chatting it up with some of our competitors.  What most people don’t realize is that most of know each other and get along quite well.  We don’t share our secrets but we do admire each other’s work.  Suffice it to say, we all love our jobs and appreciate the efforts.  Guys like Jim Felt, Scott Montgomery, Herbert, and others have all been great to explore ways to make all of our bikes better.  We all share our China and Taiwan stories and try to see who spends more time overseas.

I’ll be adding lots of pictures.  My crew of 6 including my wife are all our here enjoying the days leading up to Kona.   Last night I had the pleasure of bringing 14 people out to dinner.  3T, Speedfil, Matty Reed, Kelly Reed and their 2 kids (slept most of the dinner) Charlotte Paula and her husband Christian, and the rest of the ASI gang.  Lots of awesome food and drinks and we finished it off with some Mud Pie.  I even got Charlotte to try a small bite. 

Each morning we meet up at Lava Java to go over our plans for the day and meet with potential athletes I want to sponsor.  It’s a great thing to be wanted for sponsorship and the list of prospects is looking very good.  It seems between the new Talon SL and Airfoils, we are officially back in the game where we belong.   

Tomorrow should be a great day when we meet all the people from Slowtwitch.  It’s always good to see the people behing the screen names.

Well, off to bed for now.   More updates later in the week.

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