Posted: September 28, 2008 in KestrelBlog

WOW is all I have to say about Interbike.  All the hard work paid off.  The Kestrel booth was jam packed this year, a big comparison from last year when we purchased the brand the day before the show.  I think the coolest thing was the amount of people taking pictures of our new bikes.  To me, that was the biggest compliment I think the brand could receive.

The Airfoil Pro SL Special Edition received the most approval from shops and athletes and the amount of stores coming by to sign up to carry the line was impressive.  All the big shops were there but also a lot of the smaller stores who carried our competitors bikes were stopping by to open up their accounts.  So, next year, we expect to have some more top notch stores selling Kestrel!

It was good to see Dan Empfield from Slowtwitch stop by and as always, hear his comments.  Dan loves the Airfoil and I have to admit, his “you need to make one change to the Airfoil and add an aero post and make it adjustable” paid off.  Dan and I go way back to his QR days and when I owned a Tri Shop called Steve’s Multisport.  Dan and I are both a bit cranky so we always seemed to get along 🙂

Pip Taylor stopped by as well and I officially presented her with the new Airfoil SE she will be riding.  Her husband Justin was with her and we officially introduced her to the 50 employees of Kestrel and ASI.  Pip and her husband are good people as I like to say and we are really working hard for her to put her on the podium next year.

I also got to meet some of the past sponsored riders from Kestrel including Wendy Ingraham.  She is representing athletes now but still manages to race.  Look for her next year with her new Airfoil.  Just a nice way of saying thanks for all the support over the years!

I had a chance to finally walk the show on Friday.  Lots of nice goodies from many companies this year.  Our co-sponsors Zipp and Profile showed me their latest goodies and I got to see some of the new SRAM and Shimano coming soon…

The new website for 2009 will be posted shortly and will be sent out to dealers next week. 

I’m off to Kona for 10 days.  The new Kestrel bikes will be there for test riding so please stop by if you are heading to Kona.  Our sponsored athlete Charlotte Paul will be there to chat it up about her new ride and my tech guy Bill P will be there to answer all your questions.  We will have a team of mechanics at Bokoo Bikes so stop by at the King Kam hotel for all your mechanical work.

More updates later, sleep is required after a long trip and too many beers!

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