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Posted: September 20, 2008 in KestrelBlog

Off to Interbike.  The most hectic week of the bike industry.  The bikes arrived in perfect shape which for those who don’t know, shipping to Interbike is really a crap shoot!  Booth looks awesome and I think that this year will be the biggest ever for Kestrel.  The bikes turned out awesome and those who have previewed the 2009 lineup are giving me the thumbs up.  If you are heading to Vegas, make sure to stop by and have a look.  Our sponsored rider Pip Taylor and her husband will be there to see Pip’s new ride for 2009.  I sent them some pictures but seeing the bike in person is always different.   Pip is excited to get off her old bike and ride the new Airfoil Special Edition. Zipp, SRAM, Profile all support her as well.

The 2009 catalogs arrived today!  A year of hard work has paid off.  The catalog looks awesome and most of the credit has to go to our graphics department and Nikia who helped put it all together.  Dealers should begin seeing the catalogs next week.  For those who want want right away, just visit the site and place an order. 

2009 Website is also going live next week.  Putting a completely new site together is a lot of work!  I’m really picky so hours spent with the web guys and my graphics team should pay off but for now, it’s just work.  You should be able to see the 2009 bikes live by wed if everything goes as planned.  Tech pages and athlete pages will progress throughout October.  I’m really excited with the new look and design and our web guys have been great putting it all together.  I’m lucky that our marketing team has grown and really has helped me to put the site together.

If all this work isn’t enough, I head to Hawaii Ironman in 3 weeks.  Some of you know I hate to fly so just need to keep focused on the fun.  I’m bringing a team of 5 people with me including Charlotte Paul who will represent us in the Women’s field.  I’m working on her bike now so it will be up to her to decide if she wants to changed bikes 2 weeks before the race.  We’ll have to see on this.  I’m also bringing 20 bikes for the demo area so if you are coming to HI, please stop by and test out the new line of Kestrels.  The new Airfoils, Talons and RT’s will be available for rides!

That’s it for now.  Long week ahead of me.  I’ll try to make some updates during Interbike so stay tuned.

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