Our rider Katja goes down hard

Posted: September 11, 2008 in KestrelBlog

Bad news today when I received an email from our sponsored rider Katja Schumacher.  See below…  Feel free to email her well wishes.  We were really hoping she was going to have a good HI IM but we will have to wait until next year!

Dear sponsors and friends,

Some of you might have heard about my accident last weekend at the ETU European Championships in France. I am just writing to let you know I am OK.
I am pretty hurt, with 3 broken rips and wounds, and will get another MRI for my shoulder today. It is pretty painful, but I am alive and healing.
A car cut me off on the race course and trying to avoid it, I slipped on the wet road and crashed. I had to be transported away in an ambulance and spent the night in a hospital, as I had punctured my lung and there was risk of it to collapse. It was a pretty scary, painful night. But now I am back home in Heidelberg, with friends and family. I can’t move, all I do is eat and drink and breathing exercises -!, pretty fun time!

This means the end of my season right now, I will have to let the pips heal for 6-8 weeks, before I can start training again. For next year I am planing to start my season with 70.3 South Africa in Janurary, race an early Ironman in April – June, and focus one more time on Ironman Hawaii.
I hope you are all doing well and I get to see you some time in the near future.

My new email address: Katjaschumacher1@googlemail.com

Thank you for your continuous support,

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